Smart Soles

Smart Soles

The Concept

  • Collect pressure pattern from users feet at various points & transfer the same to user’s mobile/PC.
  • Insole / Inlay will have pressure sensor & electronics to collect the data from these sensors.
  • Rechargeable battery with different capacity based on use case will be deployed.
  • Built in memory to store data incase BT based transfer is not available.
  • Provision to add temperature, location, position, orientation sensors based on use case and application.

Use Cases

Medical - Diabetic
  • Project & identify abnormal walking pattern.
  • Help patient to visualize and view his walking pattern.
  • Assist doctors in decision making for custom shoes to correct abnormal behaviour.
  • Abnormal heat pattern will help detect and identify feet ulcer.
  • Athletics - Performance analysis & improvement for athletics – landing & takeoff pattern visualization.
  • Golf, weight lifting - Various strokes have different foot patterns. Coach & performer can visually study and compare foot patterns to master techniques.
  • Racing – fatigue detection & pattern recognition for performance improvement.
  • Live data viewing in smart phone feasible.
Monitoring & Alerting
  • GSM based communication to send direct alert to registered people on accident.
  • GPS based position identification for monitoring elderly people and kids.
  • Feed back to alert kids/elders. Either to return home after play, walking more than they should be walking … etc.

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