Home Automation & Robotics

Security - Door/Window Sensing
  • Glass break sensor & networking
  • Door open/close sensor & networking
  • Medical cabinet open/close sensor & networking
  • RFID tags for pet door control and automatic opening of door.
Security - Camera
  • Day/Night camera and surveillance system for monitoring unwanted movements
  • Motion sensor based camera system for security
Water Quality
Water QI
  • Water chemistry management system
  • Ph value detection and monitoring
  • Feed back to alert kids/elders. Either to return home after play, walking more than they should be walking … etc.
  • ORP monitoring and alerting
  • Pool water quality monitoring and alerting system
  • Water softener salt level detection alerting mechanism
  • Temperature and dissolved oxygen sensing
Robotics Assist
  • Very critical event will trigger subsequent events to neutralize the negative effect
  • When CO is detected the HVAC exhaust is turned on, curtain blinders are opened, hooters are switched on etc.
  • Low frequency proprietary RF communication for low noise, long range, low power wireless networking
  • Zigbee, Bluetooth, cellular & Wifi based networking and communication to back end server.
  • iOS & Android based apps for alerts and user interface.
Stock Mananagement
  • Smart containers for automatic stock management and alerting.
  • Tissue paper roll, dog food level and other stocks are monitored for availability and automatically ordered.
Air QI
Air QI
  • HVAC control system automation – Communicating via app and alerting to user on heating/cooling system status.
  • Dust particle counter
  • Methane GAS, CO, SO2 gas presence detection and alerting
  • Automatic alerting and accessory triggering framework to open vents or start an exhaust when poisonous or dangerous gas is detected.
Entertainment - Media Server
  • Media server setup for direct streaming of audio/video from internet, USB based harddisk, phones, tablets.
  • An integrated solution for complete home entertainment.

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